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Ultimate Explosive & Dirty Bomb Detector


The Ultimate Explosive & Dirty Bomb Detector (UEDD) is a highly sensitive, portable, multi- functional explosives detector and analytical system offering optimal power & flexibility for fast, reliable detection and positive identification of all types of explosive substances. 

Some exclusive features:

·Touch screen programming & commands
·Option of setting product sensitivity
·Unique infrared sampling mode (not available on any other Explosive Detector), enables the
detection of non-volatile explosives in vapor mode
·New Gun Shot Residue Mode
·Full remote control via USB, RS 232, Ethernet, Internet, GPRS, GSM, WiFi
·EZ-VIEW PC suit for drag&drop data transfer, full remote control and Internet 
·Radio active material (Dirty Bomb) Detection (Optional)
·Optional Bar code reader to identify scanned objects

·Easy integration with other security technologies (X- Ray scanners, bomb-squad robots)
·Remote factory diagnostic & repair services via Internet from any global location
·Car charger
·Docking station for 24 hour operation & charge
·Optional Flamable liquid  detection available for additional cost

Additional features:
* Choice of: Two ultra-fast 1-second response
* Continuous Vapor Mode with instant reading
* Analytical Vapor Mode with instant reading and identification or
* Analytical Particulate Mode with detailed identification all operating to highest level of sensitivity

Analytical Particulate Mode and Analytical Vapor Modes offer explosive identification with ultra-low false alarm rate, extreme overload resistance and fast self- cleaning

Highly resistant to potential overload from a wide range of interfering agents and/or various sampled compounds
Extremely low running cost