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SSI Wireless Stethoscope


The Wireless Stethoscope Transmitter and Receiver Kit is designed to allow one to listen remotely through doors, windows and walls by utilising up to 4 different stethoscope transmitters (2 supplied as standard) and transmit the audio to a receiver up to 300 metres away. 

The system offers digital quality audio and can be supplied with a needle transmitter, network transmitter, VOX transmitter and a remote control. 



Quantity: 2 transmitters supplied as standard (additional transmitters available).
Frequency: 1 channel (2 switchable) PLL stable
Area: 800-2600MHz
Potential: Battery 3.6V ER14250 ½ AA
Current Consumption: 40mA
Operating time: 20hrs
RF-Power Output: 40mW
Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 38mm
Antenna length: 50mm
Weight: 46g
Microphone: Special mic for mechanical vibrations (massively shielded)
Amplifier: Compressor


Frequency: 9 channels, switchable LED display
Power supply: Li-Poly 7,8VDC 1800mA
Current Consumption: 300mA
Audio performance: 1w
Antenna:SMA 3DB pivotable
Dimensions: 108 x 62 x 26mm
Weight: 180g

The system is supplied in a high quality metal case. 

*Available as with 1, 2 or 4 transmitters*