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SSI Cell Phone Memory Buster

Cell Phone Memory Buster
As mobile devices become increasingly sophisticated, forensic investigators need technologically advanced tools to insure that evidence is extracted from these devices quickly and in a thorough and forensically sound manner. Mobile phone forensics is an integral part of many forensics investigations today. 

Developed in cooperation with Forensic Science Service (FSS®), the Cell phone Memory Buster (CMB) is designed for the technically experienced forensic investigator who requires a comprehensive, compact and portable data extraction hardware solution for mobile devices. 
The affordable is compatible with over 950 (with all optional adapters and connectivity modules) of the most popular cell phones and PDAs, including Blackberry® devices. Acquisition of standard data is completed in less than 5 minutes. The light-weight mobile phone forensics device can be used either in the lab or at the crime scene and works in tandem with the users’ own laptop or desktop PC. 

The Cell Phone Memory Buster provides direct connection via cable or optional IRDA or Bluetooth® and uses MD5 hash to ensure data integrity and security. It’s intuitive software quickly identifies devices by brand, model, dimensions, and/or photo. Intelligent self-selecting device adapters (racked neatly in the solution’s rugged case) quickly light up to match the selected phone or PDA. 

The Cell Phone Memory Buster offers a full complement of options including a rechargeable battery, additional phone adapters, Faraday bag, extended warranties and a quarterly software update subscription to ensure the compatibility with the latest mobile phone devices.