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Spy Phone Interceptor Monitor


SpyPhone Interceptor can be used to monitor conversations from anywhere in the world. By calling a special access number, you can activate the SpyPhone Interceptor and turn it into a high-tech audio surveillance device that will let you hear: 

Any sounds in the vicinity of the phone in the ("Listening Mode").
Monitor conversation made or received by GSS-1000 ("Interception Mode").
Monitor and track all incoming & outgoing SMS messages.
In Interception Mode the phone operates as a normal mobile phone and you can make and receive calls as usual. However when you call the phone using the special access number, it automatically answers without any ringing or other suspicious signals and let’s you intercept & listen to both sides of telephone conversations. The persons (targets) will not be aware that you are connected to their phone and listening to their conversations.

In Listening Mode the microphone of the SpyPhone will be opened when the phone is not in use allowing you to discreetly hear any sounds within a vicinity of 5 meters (15 feet). Furthermore, there will be no record of calls received from the special access number in the phone's list of received calls.