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SecureGuard Ultra Mini Spy Box (AC Power or Battery)


Product Description:

The SecureGuard Spy Box Spy Camera is a DIY (do It Yourself)Spy camera .
The SecureGuard Spy Box Spy Camera has a small pinhole camera
connected externally for a flexible camera angles. The Camera 
records to a SD card via internal DVR. The Cameras records 
by motion detection and only records when motion is present.

Camera Specs:
DVR: Untra Mini size, Only 2"x1.5"x0,75".
Lens Type: Super Clear CCD, only 1/3"x1/3" size
Color Video: Yes
Resolution: 640x480px 
Frame Rate: 12FPS
Record Mode: Motion Detection
Storage Method: SD card (Up to 32GB SD/SDHC)
Auto-Recycle: Yes, Deletes oldest video When Full.
video format: .ASF, Similar to .AVI.