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Portable Digital X-Ray Inspection System


The Portable Digital X-Ray Inspection System is the latest and only fully-digital x-ray inspection system available to Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) professionals, providing the ability to quickly and efficiently search for weapons, drugs, and contraband in areas too difficult or time-consuming to search by hand. The  world's most popular portable digital x-ray system for EOD applications, is meeting its intended purpose of enhancing the safety margin for EOD technicians and innocent civilians.

The is a compact, rugged and portable digital x-ray system, which allows it to be useful in a number of scenarios. A few examples include:

Improvised Explosive Device (IED) evaluation and disposal. Bomb technicians from a variety of law enforcement and military organizations use  to investigate suspicious packages for the presence of IED's. 

Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) disposal personnel employ to evaluate unexploded ordnance and determine fusing condition. 

Portable Digital X-Ray Inspection System used to effectively evaluate mail and packages in a mailroom scenario, as well as point-of-entry examination of personal belongings. 

Customs personnel utilize the 
Portable Digital X-Ray Inspection System

to x-ray and investigate private vehicles and other odd-shaped objects not appropriate for an x-ray baggage scanner. 

Portable Digital X-Ray Inspection System a fully digital system, including its image transfer. It can be upgraded to RF wireless operation for added operator safety. The Portable Digital X-Ray Inspection System a reliable, industrial-hardened computer for use in field environments, and has extremely high image quality for easy threat identification. The can be mounted on most full-size bomb disposal robots, as well as standard photographic tripods. 

Portable Digital X-Ray Inspection System is a small, lightweight, and durable portable digital x-ray inspection system that produces better image   less noise, and more contrast than typical analog systems. 4's digital transmission means no image degradation. The Portable Digital X-Ray Inspection System operates without film -- images are instantly displayed and can be saved in an industry-standard format.