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Passive GSM Interceptor System

$199,000.00 $199,000.00

Fast and reliable interception of Encrypted GSM & 3G traffic

·Maximum accuracy, sensitivity and flexibility
·Totally invisible to network operator
·Support for all frequency bands-850/900/1800/1900/3G

·User-friendly operation
·Supports vehicle-based usage
·Deciphers real time A5/1, A5/2 and 3G encryption protocols.

1.System description

The GSS Passive GSM/3G Interceptor System
 is designed for
over-the-air interception for cellular communication in GSM networks. 

The system listens to information exchanged between BTS 
(Base Transceiver Station) and MS (Mobile Station or, in another 
words, mobile phone), and real-time signal processing allowing 
intercepted calls to be listened and recorded.

The GSS Passive GSM/3G Interceptor System is completely passive, and therefore undetectable. Neither GSM operator nor mobile phone user is able to detect the interception activity. The system consists of three main parts that weigh a total of 20 lbs or 9 kilos.