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Nextel Mobile Interceptor System


The NEXTEL Mobile Interceptor system is made in the US for the Military and Law Enforcement Forces to combat global terrorism and crime. It is highly restricted and protected product that can be sold only to clients approved by the US State Department.

The NEXTEL Mobile Interceptor provides a compact, yet powerful surveillance of both side of the PTT radio and  the mobile part of the communications. the system is based on industry standard bus format, and uses the very latest digital signal processing (DSP), RF and microprocessor technology.

· Monitors up to 384 half duplex channels
· Can process multiple formats simultaneously
· Software configurable to process various wireless standards
· Sophisticated Radio Direction Finder 
· Supports up to 10,000 target entries
· Small size and low power consumption
· User friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI)
· Controlled from PC or smart phone remotely
· Follows targeted conversations through conventional  and/or  
   hyperband/hyperformat frequency handoffs.