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Letter Bomb Detector & Mail Scanner


A compact desk-top electronic mailscanner for letters and small packages. 
it will automatically find highly explosive letterbombs and other suspect items of mail such as razor blade letters and cutting devices whilst reliably ignoring office clutter such as paperclips and staples. over 10,000 units used in government, police, high security locations and corporate mailrooms. 

Used throughout the world in high security locations as well as in private residences and royal palaces. scanmail was also the machine that saved the life of one of the unabomber's intended victims by successfully intercepting one of his postal devices. 

Unlike some other metal detector imitations. it is the only unit that will scanmail is not simply a metal detector, it is an intelligent device with advanced discrimation that allows you to reliably find a small battery while discriminating against paperclips and staples. no other unit can reliably do this and should be deemed unsafe. 

It can be used alone or with an x-ray machine as the first line of defence against postal bombs. no special training and no expensive maintenance or radiation checks required

- compact and portable 
- screens parcels up 6cm (2½") thick (telephone directory size) 
- fast and reliable 
- automatic detection of suspect items 
- visual and audio alarm 
- no calibration, simply plug in and use 
- will not damage magnetic media or camera film 
- no false alarms on paperclips and staples etc 
- low maintenance requirements 

- bomb making components such as batteries, detonators, timers, circuitry regardless of what 
  type of explosive is used 
- cutting devices such as razor blade letters or mouse trap devices

- ordinary office clutter such as paperclips, staples and treasury tags

Additional features
- back up battery for use where power supply is absent. recharge by simply plugging into the 
- back up circuitry in case of malfunction 
- all parts modular and easy to replace 
- no calibration. simply plug in and use