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Laser Microphone

Laser Ear Laser Microphone Remote Audio Monitoring System
The NEW Laser Ear laser microphone long range room monitoring system with additional IR audio surveillance stethoscope microphone can be easily deployed when undercover surveillance is needed and the operator is unable to enter & place the audio bug into the targeted room. The laser microphone system allows the operator, to carry out an undetected (STEALTH) surveillance operation from the outside the building without having to enter the premises. The laser microphone system operates by transmitting an invisible infra-red beam to the window of the targeted room. The window panel vibrates slightly, due to sound waves emanating from speech. The beam is reflected from the window pane according to the law of optics, i.e. the angle of incidence is equal to the angel of reflection (laser version only).

The reflected beam, modulated by the window panel vibrations, is picked up by the receiver and converted into electronic signals, which is filtered, amplified and fed  into the dual channel high end digital recording unit which can be connected to an amplifier with DNR (laser+IR version only) speakeror headset. Both, the transmitter and the receiver are built into standard single lens reflex cameras, allowing for perfect concealments. The complete set is supplied in a camera case with built in amplifier and wireless headset. Also included are two pcs. of high-end tripods and two micrometer platforms with adjustable Y/X axis and separate search tone-detector.