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  • iProtect Multi-Channel Detector for Wireless Protocols - DD1207

    $795.00 $795.00

    iProtect Premium handheld device. Easily know exactly what you frequency you have detected! 

    -6 channels of detection for different kinds of protocols

    -Detection of GSM/CDMA/3G/4G

    -Detection of Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/Wi-Max

    -Can be used for tracing both regular sources and illegal eavesdropping


    -6 bar graphs with 10-segments each, for accurate location of RF sources

    -4 modes: Silent, Vibration, Visual and Listen

    -2 levels of sensitivity (attenuator)

    -Extra display shows which signal type has been detected

    -Durable metallic body

    -Microprocessor controlled

    -Setup mode with selection the threshold level for vibration.

    - 1 year warranty


    Detect the following kinds of bugging devices:

    -GSM baby-monitors/GSM alarm/GSM bugs

    -GSM/GPRS/EDGE/3G video cameras

    -GSM Spy phones

    -GPS Trackers

    -Bluetooth bugging devices

    -Spy phones with Bluetooth/Wi-Fi

    -Wi-Fi/Wi-Max bugging devices

    -Wireless videocameras 2.4 Ghz

    Detection range is 30 feet