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  • iProtect RF Wireless Signal Detector Wand - DD12051

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    When you are looking for High frequencies the iProtect will get the job done!

    This handheld device packs a power punch of detection in such a small space and has a battery life of 12-15 hours. It detects video, audio, digital or analog signals and can find surveillance bugging devices which are usually not detectable by standard RF detectors. The directed antenna allows the user to understand where the signal originates from which helps to locate the source physically. Plus, with the 16-segment indicator you get even more easy and precise pinpointing of the bugging device. Battery 12-25 hours

    • Detects bugging devices omitted by standard RF detectors

    • Discovers microwave signals in the range of 4-13 GHz

    • Detects signals not depending on their type – video, audio, digital or analogue

    • Built-in directed antenna

    • 3 working modes: Normal, Vibrating and Audio

    • 16-segment indicator for easy and precise pinpointing of the bugging device

    • Sensitivity controlled by attenuator

    • Antenna's directivity (out-of-direction attenuation) -6 dBm

    • Portable and durable duralumin body

    • Powered by just 1 AA (LR06) battery

    • Low power indication

    • Battery resource 12-25 hours


    Typical signals Detected by iProtect DD1215 are Wireless microphones working on 5 GHz frequency band,  Wireless video cameras 5GHz, Covert 5GHz Wi-Fi access point, Covert 5GHz Wi-Fi client device, Other surveillance (bugging devices) employing frequencies between 4-13 GHz.

    • Frequency range 4000 – 13000 MHz (4-13 GHz)
    • Controls Power button, Mode button, ATT button
    • Indicators 16-segment bargraph, Vibration, Battery state (3 colors), Working mode, ATT state
    • Battery resource 12 – 25 hours
    • Current consumption Normal: 80 mA Vibrating: 180 mA Audio: 130 mA
    • Power source 1 x AA battery