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Infrared Handheld Whole Body Imager


- No Privacy Issues
- No Radiation
- Instant Images 
- Detection of hidden objects of any nature: 
  plastics, ceramics, metals, liquids, drugs etc. 

The 2010 Thermo Conductive Infra-Red state-of-the-art hand held whole body Imager is capable of detecting a wide range of objects such as plastics, ceramics, metals, liquids etc. concealed under the clothing on human body.

It is the only Hand Held Whole Body Imager that
does not emit any radiation, and
does not violate the person’s privacy

This is critical in all types of venues from airports, banks and retail establishments, from commercial high rises to transportation services and detention centers. It can be applied quickly & efficiently where the security is desired and necessary.

                                              Concealed Gun

Detection is based on
Proprietary Infrared Based Security Screening (IBSS)

Analysis time:
Varies by system configuration Optimally 120 + scans per hour

Power Requirements:
115/220 VAC single phase; 50-60Hz;
Length: 17.5"
Height: 11.6"
Width: 5"
Display: 4.3"
Operating temperature: 0-35C (+32-104F)
Humidity: 0-95%, Non condensing

·Airport checkpoints
·Customs, Borders Crossings
·Cruise lines
·Loss Prevention Industry (flash memories, chips etc.)
·Government buildings
·Commercial buildings