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Hand Held Millimeter Wave Scanner



·Power Supply: 100-240 VAC external charger supplies 12V DC, 20W max
Charger has the following interchangeable plugs:
United States, European, United Kingdom, and Australia/New Zealand
·Detector Millimeter Wave Frequency: 100 to 200 GHz (90 GHz center frequency, 20 GHz bandwidth)
·Operating Temperature: 0°C to 46°C (32°F to 115°F)
·Storage Temperature: -7ºC to +49ºC (19°F to 120°F)
·Operating Environment: For Indoor use only
·Dimensions: 467 x 90 x 72 mm (18.38 x 3.54 x 2.83 in)
·Weight: 680 g (23.6 oz.)
·Numbers of Sensors: 7 radiometric Millimeter Wave (MMW) sensors
·Battery: Lithium ion 3.7 volt internal battery pack, 5800 mAh
·Battery Life: Up to 16 hours


·Power Button: Powers MWS, on and off. Illuminates green/yellow/red to indicate charging and battery   status.
·Mode Button: Cycles through alert modes and volume levels for audible alert.
·Zero: Zeros the MWS. Flashes yellow to indicate when unit is ready to be zeroed (to equalize the sensors).
·Alert Indicator LEDs (2): Illuminate red when the MMW sensors detect an object.
·Sensor Indicator LEDs (7): Synched with the 7 MMW sensors to indicate the locality of the detected object. Each LED illuminates blue when the related sensor detects an object.

Features & Benefits:

·Physical security checkpoints
·Flexible deployment options

Detects all type of metals (ferrous and non-ferrous) -  Ceramics, Powders, Explosives, Currency, drugs, media and electronics, Non metals, plastics, liquid & gells

Ease of Use
·Web-based training
·User guide booklet
·Simplified controls and indicators
Automatic threat detection

Cost Effective
- No regular maintenance needed
- 100% portable, battery operated
- Extended use and durability