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Document Scanner

Document Scanner provides a non-intrusive technique for screening people, particularly individuals entering a facility or passengers boarding an aircraft. People routinely handle their identification cards, boarding passes, or other documents, transferring any narcotics or explosives residue from their fingertips onto their documents.
NON-intrusive detection for drugs and explosives!

Sensitive - Passports, drivers licenses, identification cards, etc. can quickly be swiped across the document scanner to collect any trace particles that have been deposited through routine handling.

Non-Intrusive - The Document Scanner will effectively and efficiently detect any trace amounts of drugs or explosives without being intrusive.

Fast - Audio / Visual results are provided within 6 to 8 seconds!

Deployment Applications
-Airport Security
-Vehicle Roadside
-Transportation Security
-Access Control 
The Document Scanner can quickly collect this residue and analyze the sample in six to eight seconds to detect the presence or drugs or explosives.

Document Scanner Specifications 
TechnologyIon Mobility Spectrometry (IMS)
SensitivityPicogram levels
Analysis Time6 - 8 seconds
Explosives DetectedTNT, RDX, PETN, Semtex, Nitrates, NG, HMX, and others
Drugs DetectedCocaine, Heroine, Methamphet, PCP, LSD, THC and others.