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Digital Portable X-ray Scanner


The Digital Portable X-Ray Scanner is a multiple application portable x-ray viewing system used by police, military, EOD, customs, law enforcement agencies, prisons and building security managers.

-search and examine suspect items on the spot
-portable and easy to set up and use in 2 minutes
-image analysis includes zoom, reverse black and white, pseudo-colour, pseudo 3D and
measure, show gradients, rotation, distance, contrast enhancement
-works with most portable x-ray sources including 
XR150, XR200XRS- 3 and also 
  recommended continuous x-ray sources
-image print and email. archive in excess of 32,000 images on pc or cd 
-annotation tools
-full data base management tools

-bomb disposal
-suspect package investigation
-check unattended bags
-search for narcotics and hidden contraband
-searching behind walls for bugs/weapons
-vehicle panel/tyre inspection

-range of carry cases
-custom size image capture units
-XR200, XRS-3 x-ray source or continuous x-ray source
-multi-lingual interface and operating guides

Scantrak system in its carry case including
-lightweight xr150 x-ray source
-notebook pc with windows xp
-scanna image capture unit (SICU)
-50 m cable drum
-spare battery
-battery charger
-instruction manuals

The Scanner package includes the latest PC & Laptop technology hardware & software. Scanner is now available with a range of flat imaging panels including the new flat panel x-ray imager which can be used in place of the standard 8 x 10" camera box to provide a more portable and compact solution.