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Desktop Exposives & Narcotics Detector

This Advanced Desktop Explosive and Narcotics Detector is a dual technology system that uses 
Gas Chromatograph and Ion Mobility Spectrometry to significantly improve performance compared 
to a single IMS device. It is designed to deliver fast and reliable results in a high throughput 
environment where accurate information is critical.

The system is easy to use and sampling takes just seconds using the durable sampling tab. The 
detector analyses the sample immediately and displays the results on a larger touch screen.

The unit requires minimal maintenance and is completely self contained, self cleaning and self 
calibrating requiring no gas supply meaning it is cost effective to operate.

Features and Benefits:

Sensitivity: Identifies specific explosives or narcotics traces far more accurately and sensitively 
than single hand held devices.

Selectivity: Combined GC-IMS provides exceptional trace detection performance.
False alarm level: GC/IMS dual technology is more substance specific, delivering lower false 
alarm levels and better hit rates.

Explosives: Detects military grade explosives, Semtex, C4, RDX, TNT and most HME such as 

Narcotics: Detects cocaine, opiates, cannabis and amphetamine type stimulants.
Training: Minimal operator training required.

Communications: Built in networking and communication capabilities.


· Technology: Gas Chromatograph/Ion Mobility Spectrometer
· Sensitivity: Nanograms to picograms
· Analysis time: Variable 6-20 seconds
· Features: Simple sampling process
· On board printer and large touch screen display
· Simple operation
· Very low cost of consumables

Detection Indicators:

· Touch Screen displays both alarm and compound identification
· Red flashing light on unit and audible alarm
· Automatic “Print on Alarm” option
· Power consumption: <500w
· Voltage: 90 to 265 VAC 50/60 Hz
· Warm up time: 20 minutes from a cold start.
· Weight: < 25kg