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Contraband Detector

The Contraband Detection System provides "x-ray vision" for law enforcement professionals enabling detection of contraband hidden within areas such as automobile tires, doors, fenders, bumpers, fuel tanks, as well as aircraft structures, boat hulls and building walls.

The Contraband Detection System is used to detect concealed objects and materials including weapons, narcotics, alcohol and explosives. As the suspect object is scanned, contraband materials reflect the low-level radiation, which is measured by the very sensitive detector. The operator is alerted by both a backlit digital display, visible in all light conditions, and an audio beep that increases in rate as it detects more contraband material. Different sounds indicate the relative density of the contraband detected and indicate probable drug or gun type materials. Each unit may be calibrated against a standard, assuring consistent performance from unit to unit.

The Contraband Detection System is a lightweight, hand-held system that utilizes a microprocessor, a self-contained low-level radioactive source, and a sensitive detector to measure backscatter through solid surfaces. The CDS-2002i operates on standard 9-volt alkaline batteries that provide 18 to 36 continuous hours of operation.

The Contraband Detection System is a powerful and reliable portable hand-held device that can be operated in virtually any setting. It provides a low-cost and time-saving method of detecting contraband in materials that are too difficult or time-consuming to inspect by hand.

The Contraband Detector Technical Specifications
Radioactive SourceBa-133, working life 15 years
Source Strength100 µCi (Standard) or 10 µCi (Exempt)
Fuse1/4 Amp, 250 Volt Subminiature
Battery9-Volt Alkaline, commercially available
Current Drain15mA without backlight, 30mA with backlight
Counting Method- Mode 1 - Direct counts divided by 100
- Mode 2 - Standard Deviation of count value stored when mode 1 was exited
- Mode 3 - Difference in actual counts and stored value
Radiation at surfaceUnit On: 5.4 mR/hr, maximum
Dimensions7.2" x 2.0" x 3.0" (18.3 x 5.1 x 7.6 cm)
Weight2.6 lb. (1.2 kg) with battery
FinishAnodized Aluminum, black
  Switch Functions
ModeChanges modes. Current mode indicated on front panel LED.
LampTurns on/off LCD backlight.
HoldFreezes display, micro-controller does not process any data when "Hold" is active. Indicated by flashing the current Mode LED.
  Front Panel Display
Mode LEDsThe mode LEDs show the current mode setting. If the LEDs are blinking, the unit is in "Hold".
LCDThe LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) shows the current counts (scaled) or the Standard Deviation from the stored count value.
Warranty1 year parts and labor.
Due to our efforts to continually improve the system, specifications, dimensions, and operating procedures are subject to change. All specification and measurements are approximate, based on the normal configuration of the system; results may vary with the installation, application and environment.