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Cell Protector


The CELL Protect informs the user quickly if anyone is trying to Intercept, Jam or Capture information from your mobile phone.


The Cell-Protect is a unique network monitoring system which analyses each network looking for any signs of irregular activity related to hacking of mobile phones.


As soon as irregularities are identified, alarms are presented to the user that the phone is not secure or being jammed or being interrogated.


Security Staff can also use a handheld device to lead them to the intruder.


  Small and compact in size

  Simple GUI network status display

  Monitors all Mobile Phone Networks simultaneously

  Low power consumption.

  Detection of: Interception, SMS, information capture, Jamming, also IMEI and IMSI catching/grabbing.

  Handheld Locator.

   International Operation.


During the last decade there has been a communications revolution with Mobile phones playing a progressively more important part in everyday life.


Regrettably not everyone is aware of the vulnerability of mobile communications and use their mobile phones unaware that there are those who seek to benefit in a wide variety of ways by gaining unlawful access to mobile phones in order to intercept calls.