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  • Car Charger Hidden Camera


    Need hidden camera surveillance for your car? The Car Charger is a Hidden Camera that works in any car.  

    • 1080P HD perfromance

    • 2 Functioning USB ports

    • One touch on and off

    • Choose to hide memory slot and buttons

    • Plug and play operation

    • Allows for users to adjust the camera direction with the roating head

    • Time and Date stamp on video

    • Support up to 64GB memory card

    • 20 min battery life

    • 1 year warranty

    • Lawmate part number PV-CG10

    Own or work for a car service company and need an in-car hidden camera to record interior car activity? This hidden surveillance camera, designed for a car, is very discreet and looks and functions just like an everyday USB cigarette lighter power adapter. It is simple to use, and powers directly from the cigarette lighter port. Just plug it in and adjust the camera direction with the rotating base. Just one touch and the unit is operational and ready to capture video to a memory card (included).

    Wonder how your kids are being treated by the driver? Wondering if trust has been broken with a loved one? Afraid your teen driver may be texting or worse in the car? This hidden camera for the car is great for personal DIY investigations, for recording a thief, or capturing auto vandalism. Whatever your car hidden camera needs may be. Now you can always have eyes inside your vehicle watching for you when you can't be there.