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Bluetooth Spy Earpiece for Taking tests

$199.00 $199.00

A versatile Bluetooth Neckloop is designed for wireless connection to Bluetooth enabled cellphone, PDA, laptop etc. It transfers clear mono sounds to wireless spy earpiece or hearing aid. The Bluetooth neckloop is build-in amplifier, you could hear loud voice clearly within standard 10m

Specifications of Bluetooth Neckloop:

Earpiece Specification:
  • Frequency Range: 200Hz~5400Hz
  • Distortion Rate: <2%
  • S/N Radio at 2KHz: >5KHz
  • Saturated Output(OSPL 90dB): 110dB
  • Ralative Sensitivity Limit: <-90dB
  • Static Current: 0.80mA
  • Battery Life (SR416SW battery):2.5~5hrs

Bluetooth specification:
  • Bluetooth handsfree is Motorola H500 earset
  • Transmission range: to earpiece < 20cm, to cellphone <10 meter
  • Working frequency: 2400~2480MHz
  • Bluetooth size: 2.7x5.9x1.9cm
  • Neckloop: D0.3 x L84cm
  • Bluetooth & neckloop color: Black
  • Integrated Microphone: Yes
  • Bluetooth passward is "0000"
  • Compatibility: Bluetooth 2.0, bluetooth-equipped phone

The main purpose of the Bluetooth spy earpiece set is to provide invisible communication over mobile phone.
Ideal for passing exams, taking tests, making speech at a meeting or negotiations, playing gambling.