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Black Box Spy Camera ( with 90 to 180 Days battery standby)


Product Description:

Dimension: 3.5in Wide x 6in Long x 2.25 Thick

The SecureGuard Spy Box Spy Camera is an All-in-one, self-contained
Spy camera with a 33hr~180 Day rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack.
The SecureGuard Spy Box Spy Camera has a small pinhole camera
connected externally for a flexible camera angles.

The Camera records to a SD card via internal DVR. A Thermal sensor
is added to allow the camera to go in to standby when there is nobody
around. With the thermal sensor the SecureGuard Spy Box Spy Camera 
can last up to 90 Day standby on a single charge.

The SecureGuard Spy Box Spy Camera can Last 90 Days in "Standby Mode".
If you place this in a high traffic area, the battery may only last 1-4 
days. In a room like a, closet, garage, storage room or vacation home 
with little activity, the battery should last 60-90 Days.

Camera Specs:

Lens Type: 420TVL Sony Super HAD CCD
Color Video: Yes
Resolution: 640x480px 
Frame Rate: 12FPS

DVR Specs:

Record Mode: Motion Detection
Storage Method: SD card (Up to 32GB SD/SDHC)
Auto-Recycle: Yes, Deletes oldest video When Full.
video format: .ASF, Similar to .AVI.