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Best Portable Explosive Detector


      The only fully automated colorimeter explosive detection instrument

The Seeker XDU, is a compact, lightweight, highly portable, multi-lingual, hand-held device for detecting trace levels of all types of explosive substances. The Seeker XDU technology allows users to quickly identify the presence of specific explosives through the use of cutting edge diagnostic swipe and vapor collection cards and the system's optical reading electronics. Armed with the test results, users can make rapid and informed decisions and take appropriate action. The Seeker has additional capabilities, such as GPS mapping of results, data transfer and custom PC report generation with minimal training required.

·Low cost
·Identifies & differentiates multiple trace explosives
·Small ideal size: less then 3" x 6" x 2"
·Simple and easy to use
·Extremely low false positive rate

The Seeker XDU explosives detection system uses colorimetric techniques to identify trace explosives. Unlike other colorimetric devices that require a user to determine with their naked eye if an explosive is present, the Seeker XDU is fully automated, and the operator is notified of an explosive trace within seconds.

The Seeker XDU operates as an analyzer of materials captured on the system's proprietary card stock, which is "swiped" on the substance in question, and is then inserted into the handheld device for analysis of the sample. The Seeker identifies the unique ID of the card and test type with a barcode scan. The card is inserted into the unit and test results are displayed within 8-70 seconds depending on the type of test. The results are automatically stored into memory along with the date and time of the test, and the GPS (global positioning via satellite) location.

The unit will store the time and date of the result of up to 300 cards at a time. The Seeker XDU will produce a positive/negative result.