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007 Walk through Metal Detector

$6,500.00 $6,000.00
The 007 Scanner  meets all of the current requirements of the FAA and law enforcement testing agencies, and features microprocessor-controlled circuitry and LCD presentation of all calibrating and operating information. It is also the first conventional walk-through detector designed to be easily portable and have the capability of operating on battery power alone. It utilizes microprocessors in both its detection and control circuitry. These provide operating flexibility and discrimination capabilities that enable it to detect weapons and other devices made of metal to a degree never before possible. All electronics are built into the unit to eliminate problems of logistics and reliability often associated with a cable-connected console. The 007 Scanner  is designed for easy assembly and transportation, yet is rugged enough to withstand the vigors of frequent moving. Because of maximum selectivity made possible only through microprocessor controls, this new unit can detect weapons and other metallic devices more accurately. Its increased range of sensitivity is particularly important in the detection of stainless steel guns, while its precision controls enable it to offer more selectivity in the types of targets it can detect. All control knobs on earlier models have been replaced with touchpads and electronic displays. It offers a new level of security with its tamper-proof settings through computerized access codes. It also provides a traffic count capability and automatically performs a complete self-diagnostic program each time the system is turned on. The 007 Scanner  will operates on any voltage from 85 to 265 VAC. Its circuitry is engineered to sense line voltage and frequency and automatically adjust to any alternating current with no special adaptors required, which allows it to continue operating at full efficiency even if power voltage should vary. It can also be powered by an optional field-installable battery module (available by special order) which fits inside the unit's control housing, enabling it to operate up to 20 hours without electrical outlets whatsoever or to continue operation should a power failure occur. Weight: 99 lbs. Includes video and manual clearly explaining installation and operation. Made in U.S.A. 

All metal detectors come with a 2-year parts and labor factory warranty.